The BeeOtto Platform offers independent “Main Street” merchants (29 million Moms & Pops, and growing) a robust lineup of the most sought-after digital marketing channels available. Our customizable turn-key package provides the small business owner with the same digital assets utilized by regional and national advertisers, at an affordable price.

BeeOtto will produce one (1) Power-10 Video Spot in two (2) formats for each client, and secure high-impact placement (at scale) on top-ranked cable TV networks during prime and highly desired hours.  All videos will be HiDef (HD-1080p) “Short Form” 10s.  The two (2) formats are:

  1. .mov“Broadcast Format” for cable TV and broadcast networks, and
  2. .mp4 format for all digital video delivered through the Internet: social media, streaming TV, websites, connected devices, and all other digital use.

The .mp4 spots may be used as stand-alone 10s ready for placement at any time on any platform or website.

Via the Broadcast Format (.mov), each client will be matched with two other clients, all three then sharing equal placement of their Power-10 spots within a single 30-second TV commercial.  Placement within the commercial will rotate every 4 weeks, thereby providing each client with first, middle, and concluding placement over the 3-Period (12-week) broadcast schedule (which is also the merchant’s minimum contract term.)

Client-matching & spot composition will be determined using BeeOtto’s proprietary software, employing multiple cross-filters to guarantee that—among other criteria—merchants are targeting the same demographic, are non-competing, are not in the same field, but of course are in the same geographic zone.

For example:  a 30-second commercial would not be shared among:

  • bridal store / florist / divorce attorney
  • ice cream parlor / cupcake shop / weight loss center
  • fitness center / Xtreme sports / hospice

But acceptable groupings would be:

  • bridal store / florist / limousine company
  • ice cream parlor / cupcake shop / party store
  • fitness center / Xtreme sports / health foods

At times it can be beneficial to clients to cluster similar businesses.  Example:

Food: pizzeria / Chinese food / Mexican restaurant

Drs.: optometrist / dentist / internist

Trades: carpenter / plumber / electrician

As with the compatibility of the 3-clients within a 30-second spot, BeeOtto is meticulous about proper ad placement–what network, which days, what time periods–making sure the demographics of our clients’ customers match that of the networks where the ads will run.  Ad placement will always be in accord with network demographics.

Three (3) sample 30-second TV commercial spots found in the tab called ‘Videos”.

Cable TV is still the dominant medium for content-delivery, but streaming devices and CTV (Connected TV) are consistently gaining ground.

Streaming devices are everywhere: smartphones, tablets, computers, even wearables such as watches, wrist bands and experiments with connected eyeglasses.

CTV is no more than a television connected to the Net. As such, however, it instantly becomes a “Smart” TV ready to stream Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, BBC, CNN, CBS (hundreds more) over digital media devices such as Roku, Chromecast, Sling, AppleTV, Amazon Fire and Tivo. CTVs also accommodate gaming consoles like X-Box and PlayStation.

When placing client video ads over streaming content, BeeOtto (with its proprietary software and analyses by our Client Reps) will apply the same criteria that it does when placing Cable ads.

Our clients’ video ads will be on the most frequently watched channels with the highest viewership, demographic matchups, and the ability to hyper-target a client’s ad to their local marketing zone—down to a single zip-code!

Four (4) sample 10-second mp4 video spots found in the tab called “Videos”

In the “Cable TV Tab” we noted that the .mov Broadcast Format is for cable & network airing, while the .mp4 format is for social media, streaming TV, plus connected devices and other digital use–including websites. The .mp4 10-second spots that BeeOtto provides are available as stand-alone 10s, ready for placement at any time on any platform or website. Not yet discussed is that (as with the .mov Broadcast Format), .mp4 videos may also be grouped with 2 others to create a 30-second .mp4 commercial that can be used on any website. The criteria for placing shared web-ads will be just as rigorous as those for Cable and streaming–compatibility with the merchant’s products or services, demographic match, and with certain websites even a compatibility of “tone.”

Through shared 30s or stand-alone 10s, BeeOtto clients can receive exposure on the largest and most frequented websites in the world—but hyper-targeted by BeeOtto for the greatest impact, pinpointing spot placement exclusively to the merchant’s immediate geographic zone and zip-code.

Three (3) sample 30-second video spots and four (4) sample 10-second video spots formatted in both .mov and mp4 found in the tab called “Videos”

In 2008-09, the technology available to digitally distribute and track merchant coupons and redeemables was primitive. In an effort to provide “digital” coupons with tracking capability, BThrifty created a magnetic-strip BGreen Card through which consumers could access a merchant’s promotion or discount coupon. The software to accomplish this was in mid-development when BThrifty was forced to close. Today, the Company has Trackable Software that will allow easy and immediate distribution of Digital Coupons and Promotions, while capturing detailed analytics on consumer usage, preferences, and responses.

The business model is predicated on reestablishing the handshake between local merchants and customers. To that end, BeeOtto must be locally involved. We will have a Marketplace Tab focusing on Community Info—what’s going on in the local area; what are the events, activities, festivities, special occasions, fund raisers and celebrations within the community? Listings will be of two types: paid, and public service. If a club is scheduling a Potluck Dinner with admission being charged, its ad would be paid. If an organization such as AA/AlAnon or an Alzheimer’s or veteran’s support group is holding an event, we will provide PSAs (Public Service Announcements) free of charge. From a business standpoint, it is vital that BeeOtto develops an identity within each community. Being a Town Cryer will boost BeeOtto’s visibility within each community, and regarding free PSAs–they’re the right thing to do. BThrifty’s Smart Shopper Magazine had Community Pages in each issue. BeeOtto’s Community Info (or Community Corner) will be offered in a digital format that can be printed if desired. The following photo from one of BThrifty’s Smart Shopper magazines provides a sample of the type of information that will be featured.

Effective utilization of social platforms is an increasingly important component of a merchant’s overall advertising and marketing plan. The mechanics of placing Video ads on social are precisely the same as outlined on the Website tab (.mp4 format, 10-second (Power 10s) stand-alone singles or 30-sec videos comprised of 3 Power 10s, etc.). As to site selection and placement, this is an area that BeeOtto and every marketer has to be on top of on a daily basis. The demographic breakdowns on websites and social platforms are often startling in delivering the unexpected. It’s not as simple as going with a platform, be it Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, or Twitter, and then walking away. Those sites are obviously enormous in reach and traffic, but the Internet is awash with smaller or new platforms that dig deeper to target specific demographics and consumers. Staying abreast of new sites and reviewing the myriad analyses of rankings and demographic breakdowns will be ongoing for BeeOtto’s marketing team. In fact, it will be never-ending, because the Internet doesn’t sit still for even a minute. Small business owners are running businesses.

They can’t stop to make a 2nd career out of monitoring the Internet. But at BeeOtto, remaining on top of what’s new on the Net is a vital part of our business–one we embrace, and an important factor in why we’re being hired!

Three (3) sample 30-second video spots and four (4) sample 10-second video spots formatted in both .mov and mp4 found in the tab called “Videos”

Our Platinum Email Program is exclusively available to BeeOtto’s Platinum Merchants—those who have made 6- or 13-period commitments. The emails will be targeted to the merchant’s market zone and then hyper-targeted to consumers within a 7-mile radius of their business. The program will commence in the 3rd period of the merchant’s contract and continue to the end of the contract term. A minimum of 200 emails will be sent each period to the consumers identified by BeeOtto’s proprietary software meeting the merchant’s demographic stats. The Platinum Email must include a special email-only Platinum Promotion. BeeOtto will design and produce the Platinum Email graphic at no cost to the merchant.

Beyond providing the small business owner with affordable marketing that’s competitive with national companies, a key objective of the Company is to establish a community among the 29 million independents—a sense of being in a cooperative, of a sort, in which members of the BeeOtto family of businesses feel free to share ideas, ask questions, offer support and suggestions in our Community Forum. Once an indie business owner works with BeeOtto, we want them to profit, be relieved of a little stress, and be assured that they are part of a growing national collective. And we of course want them to remain a BeeOtto client forever.

We also want the general public to become aware of BeeOtto and recognize that the BeeOtto Logo next to a business is a sign that the business may be trusted. The Company has an expectation that our clients will be honest and provide a quality service as advertised. If we find anything to the contrary, that Client will be in breach of contract and restricted from doing business with BeeOtto in the future.

To these ends, each video will carry a small semi-transparent BeeOtto Logo (called a bug in the video industry) in an unobtrusive location. This small imprint will read: “Member . . . BeeOtto Community of Small Businesses”. This will brand BeeOtto, provide ongoing public exposure, attract people to the BeeOtto online Marketplace, and as it develops assure the public that the businesses being advertised are those they can trust. Additionally, “window cling” is an element in tying together BeeOtto with its base of businesses. Each merchant will display a decal identifying that they are a “Member . . . BeeOtto Community of Small Businesses”. As with BThrifty (see below), BeeOtto will provide the decal at no cost to the merchant.